MLB moves All Star Game to Denver to protest new Georgia voting restrictions, Jen Psaki weighs in

In protest of the new voting bill signed into law last week by Georgia Governor and sucker for Trump's big election lie, Brian Kemp, Major League Baseball has pulled the All-Star Game from Atlanta. The law requires identification for absentee voting, limits ballot drop boxes and prohibits offering food or water to voters in line, all of which makes voting harder on people of color in underserved areas. The All-Star Game has been moved to Denver's Coors Field.

Faux News' Peter Doocy couldn't resist trying to zing it to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki with flimsy facts and a Colorado comparison question:

via CNBC:

MLB has faced backlash from politicians for moving the game and also faced opposition from the Braves, which is owned by Liberty Media Corp. An official from Cobb Travel and Tourism in Georgia told CNN the state could suffer an economic loss of over $100 million due to the relocation.

Critics, including the CEOs of Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola, have condemned the changes as being too restrictive.