Jen Psaki compares Christian extremist Mike Pence with even more dangerous Mike Johnson (video)

Just because Mike Johnson wears a suit and glasses doesn't mean he is "fine-ish," as MSNBC's Jen Psaki pointed out last night in a scathing take down of the newly elected House Speaker. In fact, the "wolf in a suit jacket" is actually an 18th-century Christian fundamentalist, she said, who is as "deeply religious" as failed candidate Mike Pence — but with one major difference that makes him even more dangerous.

"Right now, one deeply religious conservative Republican is limping out of the race for president after failing to gain any traction whatsoever, " she says. However, "another deeply religious conservative Republican just ascended to the speakership and is now second in line to the presidency."

However, while Pence refused to go along with Trump's attempt at overthrowing the 2020 election, Johnson "was a key architect of that plot," the former White House secretary reminded her audience. "Apparently there is still a place in the Republican party for extreme Christian conservatism, so long as it's paired with a fealty to the former president."

"I would love to know which passage in the Bible told Johnson to become one of the most important architects behind Trump's effort to overturn the 2020 election," Psaki continued. "Which passage? Was it God whispering in his ear to ignore the Constitution and disenfranchise millions of voters?"

But, Psaki sarcastically questions, "How threatening can this guy actually be?" She then takes a few minutes to explain exactly how dangerous the dogmatic, Bible-led Congressman actually is — not because he is personally religious, but because he is the leading House lawmaker who has actually admitted to being a "Bible-believing Christian" who is led by his "world view," which is based on the Bible and "18th century values." And who in their right mind, other than a deeply conservative white man, would want to go back to the 1700s? It doesn't get any more Gilead than that.