Nauseating literary descriptions of women by authors you know and love

With more than 456,000 memebers, r/menwritingwomen contains some of the most hilarious, rage-inducing, stomach-churning descriptions of women's bodies ever put to paper. From Joss Whedon's rejected Wonder Woman script to Issac Asimov's "From the Stars" to excerpts from "nice guy" Tinder profiles and beyond, r/menwritingwomen has plenty of ways to paint grotesque pictures of generous breasts, quivering uteri, and winking nipples right onto your brain.

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Breasts, of course, are a favorite topic of discussion and disillusionment.

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Underaged characters can't escape the sweaty, grimy pens of authors and their characters, either.

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And of course, a woman can't help but have her loins stirred by the glance of a handsome man.

While most of the subreddit is dedicated to some of the most upsetting mistakes in writing by (mostly) male authors, there are also days and tags set aside for female writers, satire, and positivity. Much like its sister subs, r/mendrawingwomen, r/badwomensanatomy, r/NotHowGirlsWork, and r/whitepeoplewritingPOC is a place to simultaneously enjoy, mock, and rage about how people can be so terribly, awfully bad at understanding and describing one another (as well as wondering whose idea it was to allow anyone to be so bad at basic human anatomy).