Prepare thyself for International Dark Sky Week

The ominous sounding International Dark Sky Week is anything but. There will be no four horsemen galloping down to lay waste upon civilization, at least I hope not, plus, that's already happening with Covid. Instead we have a week where the Earth basks in the darkness of a new moon and allows for the most spectacular stargazing.

via Good News Network:

International Dark Sky Week was launched in 2003 by, fittingly enough, the International Dark Sky Association—an Arizona-based non-profit that works to "to preserve and protect the night time environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting."

But what if you're in an area where abundant city light blocks out the meteor spotting you would like to do? The International Dark Sky Association has an interactive map showing special 'dark sky' designations to places around the globe , check out this interactive map to see where there's a dark sky site near you. Other benefits of the new moon is werewolf-free environments, and generally fewer vampires.