City of Placerville removes hangman's noose from town logo

Long proud of it's 'Hangtown' heritage, Placerville, California's city council unanimously voted to remove the hangman's noose from the city logo.


Some argued that it is part of the history of the town, but others said it is violent and gives the city a bad reputation, the station reported.

The council's vote was unanimous.

The decision comes amid a reconsidering of images of nooses in the context of racial injustice and the history of violence against Black people in America.

The signs and symbols of Hangtown are commonplace in Placerville, the El Dorado County seat in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada about two hours northeast of San Francisco.

It may be that hangings and racism were common features of Sierra mining towns. Another famous gold town, Downieville, is known for hanging a pregnant woman.