By the pricking of my thumbs, Solanum lycopersicum this way comes

The garden is enjoying the high 60s to mid-70s we're experiencing in Southern California, and my tomatoes have taken off. My dog Pretzel knows she'll soon be unable to see over the growing vines, and is disappointed these tomatoes aren't tasty treats to her like the strawberries.

Those tomatoes are in an Earthbox, as I have found self-watering planters to be THE WAY for tomatoes and marijuana. I do not grow marijuana at this home, however, because it would be inviting disaster. At my last home I grew tons of weed in Earthboxes, outside in the sun. Tomatoes grow 5+ feet tall and throw off pounds and pounds and pounds of fruit when attended to. I am already having to fill the 2-3 gallon reservoir 2+ times a week for these guys.

Pictured are some of my vigorously growing roma tomatoes. There are also Cherokee Carbon and some beefsteak variant. I should have plenty for sauce and salads.

I am remain enthusiastic about my strawberry future. These guys are just towering in the sun and throwing off shoots and berries. I hopefully solved a small flying bug problem on one of the containers, but all four are looking healthy, bulking up and flowering. I have to keep my golden retriever away from them, she not only likes berries but to uproot the plants.

I harbor dreams of freshly made strawberry ice-cream made with home grown berries.

The tomatoes and strawberries are fertilized with Miracle Grow's organic edibles stuff. It seems to work very well. I have had two styles and prefer the granulated, but there is also a powdered that can be mixed into your watering can. Granulated needs to be applied once a month, versus weekly on the powder.

In the case of the tomatoes, I loaded the Earthbox with fertilizer at planting and won't have to do it again. Strawberries (excepting the ones in an Earthbox themselves) got fed granulated until I ran out, tho when I finish the box of powered, I will move back to da granules.

Having released a lot of ladybugs on my citrus, all 3 trees continue to do well and the aphids are gone. The lemons are almost ripe, the blood orange has a few tiny fruits starting where the blossoms were a week or so ago, and this fairly new transplant to my garden, a satsuma mandarin, is just covered in blossoms.

I hope the leaves of the citrus trees get less puckered and twisted now that the aphids appear disappeared. Thank you, ladybugs (and Dr. Bronner.)

My apple tree is still covered in beautiful blossoms. A friend told me I was wishful in my thinking about apples on a Southern California beach, but have high hopes. High, apple pie in the sky hopes.

Here is hoping I see sunflower blossoms soon. I also planted some corn seeds this week, and a giant sunflower to compliment some dwarf ones, because I had an extra pot.

A good week for the garden.