Watch: Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyer is outraged about her "horrible" jail treatment. "I've never seen anything like it"

Aw shucks, accused sex trafficker (of minors) Ghislaine Maxwell, sidekick to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, is treated "horribly" in jail, according to her lawyer, David Markus. He is aghast at what he saw yesterday when he visited her. "I went there last night, to the jail, and saw her, and three guards followed her… they put us in a tiny little room, and there was a camera on us the whole time. I've never seen anything like it." No, this is not a parody, he really says this (take a look for yourself, below!). He refers to her mistreatment as "the Epstein effect," which he repeats several times in the 41-second clip. "It's the Epstein effect. It's the EPSTEIN effect… she shouldn't be treated like this. And it's not fair. It's not right. And it's only because of the horrible Epstein effect." Wow, SNL will have a field day with this one.