Actor and activist Danny Glover speaks at Chicago rally

Actor Danny Glover, of Lethal Weapon fame, took a red-eye from San Francisco to speak at a rally in the Chicago Loop early Wednesday morning in support of an ordinance bringing civilian oversight of the Chicago Police Department. Apparently, Glover had trouble saying a specific word with his freezing and sleepy mouth in front of the approximately 150 demonstrators. Or, perhaps, he's getting too old for this shit? I would wager it's just the former. Glover is an iron man of activism.

via Chicago Sun-Times:

Glover praised the Empowering Communities for Public Safety Ordinance and elicited laughter after stumbling over the pronunciation of the word "ordinance" several times.

"Look here, it's cold out here, and my mouth doesn't work at this time in the morning," he joked.

In the wake of the Adam Toledo police shooting video, as well as the building distrust of CPD, some officials and activists are looking for change in how the police department operates.

The ordinance would create a civilian oversight commission to bring accountability and community control to the police department, said Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th), a main proponent.

"We've seen that mayoral control of the police department has not worked," he said. "We want democracy, we want proven accountability measures like giving civilian commissioners a real say over policy and the hiring policy of the police chief."