New York police investigator retires with full pension after stealing panties and lotion from Walmart

William B. Keiffer, a New York State police investigator, was permitted to retire after being accused of stealing women's underwear and moisturizer from a Walmart in Madison County. The accusation came from Walmart employees in a Oneida store, who called police to report the incident, but they later declined to press charges, according to WKTV.

Employees at the Walmart claimed 49-year-old William B. Keiffer allegedly stole moisturizer and women's underwear from the store. The employees called Oneida City Police to report the incident, but later declined to press charges. Despite not facing charges, New York State Police confirm Keiffer was suspended without pay in mid-April. Director of public information for state police, Beau Duffy, told NEWSChannel 2 "Investigator Keiffer is no longer employed by the State Police. He was suspended without pay on April 13 and an administrative investigation was opened, but he chose to retire."

Keiffer was initially suspended without pay around April 13, when an investigation was launched. Instead, Keiffer decided to retire with full pension, and has yet to face any sort of criminal charges.