Video: Lin Wood threatens SC GOP chairman, "I know about you and Lindsey Graham"

Wow, is this for real? In what could be mistaken for a Netflix crime thriller trailer, Trump attorney and Big Lie supporter Lin Wood is caught on camera making a cryptic threat about a Lindsey Graham rumor to South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick. "I know about you and Lindsey," Wood says. "You need to get out of the race now. Nothing can stop what's going to come."

And the plot thickens. Rather than debunking Wood's menacing message, McKissick hits back with an accusation of his own: "You are supporting Chinese pornography. Just get your stuff off the internet."

Quickly jumping off that topic, Wood repeats himself: "I know about you and Lindsey. … Nothing is going to stop it … It's going to come out and you need to accept that."

So this is what Republicans chat about behind closed doors? Heating up the popcorn.

Via Raw Story