Epic 1km fatberg chokes sewers in Birmingham, UK

Behold the kilometer-long, 300-tonne fatberg of Hodge Hill, the largest agglomeration of chip fat, wet wipes and human shit that Severn Trent Water has ever had to deal with. They're stuck trying to clear the mass, which extends underneath the M6 highway, and have ordered "high-pressure jets" to tackle the "horrible, gunky mess."

The fatberg is about 8m (26ft) underneath the surface so a huge, deep trench has had to be dug to allow hoses in to start work. The solid mass is estimated to be 1m (3ft) high and 1,000m (1,094yds) long and could take until June to clear. If the jets do not work, then harder parts will have to be chipped away with a spade, Sarah O'Kane, from Severn Trent said.

Jesus Brexiting Christ, England! For the love of all that is holy, stop pouring your bacon grease down the sink.

"So the wipes, when they start to get stuck in the fat, it's when they combine together they create this huge, horrible gunky mess… please don't put these things down the toilet and don't wash that down the sink because this is the consequence…"