Online archive of e e cummings poetry is a perfectly-domained online archive of e e cummings' incomparable poetry, presented and published by Ben Welsh. The typesetting is minimal yet handsome, still a rarity online. Welsh writes:

Edward Estlin Cummings, better known as E. E. Cummings, was a 20th-century American author who distinguished himself with his playful syntax and sensual subject matter. His poems, often delivered in lower case spellings, continue to enjoy a following.

The website aims to republish all of the author's work as it gradually enters the public domain. Built using open-source software and structured data, it also offers publishers, academics, analysts, fans and artists free and easy access to the poet's body of work.

Each January 1 the copyright on another year of past literature expires, making it free for others to use and build from. In the last few years, protections have expired on books published in the mid-1920's, including Cummings's first three volumes.