Dennis the Menace pitches in for No Pants Day

If you are interested in recognizing the celebration of No Pants Day, like Dennis the Menace will this year, then you should express yourself and go sans trousers this May 7th, always observed on the first Friday of May. Regular U.S. mail service and parking enforcement are still in place as this ridiculous day is not a U.S. national holiday.

Over 25 comic strip artists have banded together to help get the word out about No Pants Day, sure for obvious fun and silly reasons, but now a real cause has been attached to it. COVID has decreased the amount of donations to clothing charity services as well as limited those in need from being able to get used clothes. No Pants Day is being used as a clothing drive with the help of cartoonists.

via AP:

In a gracious move among comic strip distributors, King Features reached out to fellow syndicators Tribune Content Agency, Andrews McMeel Universal and Washington Post Writers Group to pull off Friday's event.

"We may be business competitors, but we're all part of the same family," said Fougner. "We all love comics and we love our communities. And, at the end of the day, that's really what cartooning is about. So we want as many cartoonists as possible to take part in initiatives like this."

Olive Brinker's "Rae the Doe" has a character donating clothes at an LGBT center while "Dennis the Menace" urges readers: "Give to a charity that helps people in need of clothing, like Room to Grow."

The event is the latest attempt by the comics community to help society. Last year, more than 70 comic strips and panels banded together to hide six symbols in the artwork to honor workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

I will likely be wearing pants this Friday but I will now get some of my unused clothes over to Goodwill or the Salvation Army to participate. Also, I do hope anyone going pantsless in the spirit of the day has the good sense to still wear something presentable down below. Do not go balls out for this one, gents.