Watch this competitive eater chow down 5500 calories of waffles and chicken in less than five minutes

Nela Zisser is a 26-year-old med-school student from New Zealand who also happens to be a competitive eater. In this video she scarfs down a waffle tower – 10 pieces of chicken and 6 waffles "drenched" in maple syrup – in less than five minutes. And she makes it look easy.

According to, Zisser has been entering food competitions since she was 21 years old.

In 2016, Nela caught the attention of the media after she uploaded a video of herself devouring an impressive 10,000-calorie English breakfast.

The two platters of food included 20 eggs, 1kg of bacon fried in butter, six sausages, four muffins and mushrooms cooked in cream – in 42 minutes.

Later that year, she stunned again, this time by eating 22 Big Macs in just under an hour.

It's a feat she says still holds the top spot in her mind as being the most challenging.

In case you are wondering, that's 12,386 calories and nearly 1kg of meat. …

While there is no question of Nela's dedication to the sport, it's unknown whether she will keep going once she has graduated from med school.

She has three years left of her degree and says it's unlikely she will have the time or energy to keep pursuing new challenges.

Check out her YouTube channel, where this video was originally posted, here.