Influencer deported from Bali after wearing fake painted mask in "prank"

You might have seen the viral video of Russian influencer Leia Se (and her companion Josh Paler Lin) blatantly disregarding mask-wearing rules in a supermarket in Bali, and just generally being plague rats during a global pandemic.

In the video, Se "forgets" to bring a mask to a grocery store. When they aren't allowed inside, Lin takes her back to their car, where they paint a "mask" onto Se's face. They then reenter the grocery store, flagrantly disregard the safety of themselves and others, and leave the store feeling very good about how stupid they've been.

While first-time violators of Bali's mask mandates usually face a fine of $89, police informed courts in Bali that the couple should be deported immediately. According to authorities (and the couple's own social media accounts), Lin and Se had recorded two other videos of them violating health and safety protocols. Because Lin was wearing a face mask during the "prank", he escaped deportation. Se, however, was ejected from Bali on May 5.

The couple posted an apology video on Lin's instagram page (surrounded by lawyers and wearing face masks).