Joe Biden would require face masks in public against coronavirus

Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday if he is elected president, he will require Americans to wear masks in public to fight coronavirus. Read the rest

Pro-Trump activist kicked off plane for refusing to wear a mask

The Hill reports that a pro-Trump activist named Brandon Straka was kicked off an American Airlines plane because he wouldn't wear a mask. A New York Times reporter who was also on the flight took a video that recorded Straka arguing with the flight crew:

“Sir, are you wishing not to wear a mask today?” a flight attendant asked Straka

“I would prefer not to,” Straka replied before later adding, "You're asking me to do something that's not a law."

The flight attendant responded by explaining that the request is part of a "procedure American Airlines follows."

There is currently no law that mandates passengers must wear masks while on a flight, but all major U.S. airlines, including American, announced on May 11 new policies that call on all passengers and flight crew members to wear face coverings. Exceptions are provided for children, people with certain medical conditions and while passengers are eating and drinking.

Straka told the flight attendant he had a medical condition, but did not specify what the condition was and did not provide any documentation regarding it. He was eventually ejected from the flight after a delay, drawing applause from passengers.

Straka's attitude could help explain this:

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If Sports Illustrated did a swimsuit edition but for facemasks

Scroll through the carousel below, or check out Not Art on Instagram for more Sexy Facemask Photoshopping (if that's what you want to do).

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In better news it turns out that #SportsIllustrated was able to put out their swimsuit calendar on time for the #GlobalPandemic. The models were not at risk because the camera man was always at least 6 feet away and it was all shot on a Beach no one has heard of in #Madagascar So no one else was around. #SportsIllusrated

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Try this quick DIY face mask tutorial before your next run to the market

From bandannas to jock straps, people are coming up with all kinds of clever ways to make homemade face masks. Hell knows, they have the time. And so here's another really simple mask project that uses any scrap of fabric you have lying around. No jock strap required. Read the rest

Face Mask Anarchy: When life gives you lemons, improvise.

Until N95's are available for everyone who needs them, you gotta do what you gotta do. @tifffanycuh has collected some the of the best (note: "best" as it's used here is not a safety classification!) improvised covid-19 face masks.

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Plague mask of bugglegum cyberpunk apocalypse sparkly rainbow fabulousness

An extraordinarily beautiful mask for “Plague Times,” by IMGURian @BelmontLeather1. Read the rest