Mapping out the famous Patterson–Gimlin film of bigfoot

Guys from Western Bigfoot Exploration hiked to the place where Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot the famous 1967 footage of bigfoot loping alongside Bluff Creek in Northern California.

It's a long video, but wonderful for showing the geographical context of the original clip. They reach the destination 16:30 in. Much has grown in the decades since—the foliage is much thicker—but plenty of landmarks remain and they map it out and debate the details.

Here's stabilized footage of the encounter:

It's cool how a completely nondescript patch of woods in the middle of nowhere becomes full of mystery and intrigue by virtue of something bizarre that once happened there. Endless discussion of treestumps, rocks in streams, lines of sight, how the years have changed the land. See also: the Dyatlov Pass incident and all those national park disappearances.