Watch: Outrageous hotel owner in Michigan calls woman "piece of sh*t" and kicks her out when bathroom leaks

If you ever plan on visiting Mackinaw City, a small town in Michigan, make sure to do your hotel research first. A woman staying at the town's Crown Choice Inn and Suites was called "idiot," "dumbass," "piece of shit," and "dumb Democrat" because she asked for help when her bathroom started to leak. An angry man behind the counter, who says his family owns the hotel, told her she "rented" the room so it's her bathroom now, and she will have to pay for the parts and damages. According to her more detailed Facebook post, he also called the police and kicked her out (along with her friend and their five kids in total) around midnight. She had to drive over two hours before they found a place, around 2:30am, that had available rooms.