The exact moment a storm floods a pre-school

Wow. Thank goodness school was not in session when this preschool in Wentzville, MO was suddenly inundated.

Good news, there is a sump pump!


The flooding at Future Stars Academy was captured in a surveillance video, which the assistant director of the day care, Amelia Vann, posted to YouTube. In the video, you can see rushing water burst through the bottom of the door and quickly begin filling the room while toys, tables and chairs begin to float. The water backup was due to a plumbing issue on the outside of the day care, according to a GoFundMe post. The outside stairwell filled quickly with water and once the pressure got to be too much, the bottom of the door burst open. But the good news, Vann said, is that the room has a sump pump. "It could have been a lot worse," she said. "Luckily, the particular room that it is in, there is a sump pump in that room because it is the lowest part of the building. So, after the rain stopped, it started slowly going and pumping it out. So, the damage wasn't nearly as bad as what it could have been. But it's still drastic."

I have been led to believe worse things happen at school.

Thanks, Darin!