Now that's a real doozy!

This 1935 Duesenberg is awfully fancy looking, but the word doozy pre-dates the short lived line of automobiles.

Once the car to be seen in, now largely forgotten, the Duesenberg Motor Company existed from 1913 to 1937. Known for stylish, well-engineered cars, before everyone had to be seen in a Prius, or a Tesla, the car to been seen in was a Duesenberg.

Bring A Trailer:

Compared to the Model J, the JN featured wider, lower-slung bodywork fitted over the frame rails on a 142.5″ wheelbase. The coachwork was penned by Duesenberg's chief designer, Herbert J. Newport, and was produced by the Rollston Company of New York City. This JN is one of three to wear a convertible sedan body and was previously finished in red. It underwent a color change to yellow with red fenders under previous ownership before it was refinished in its current dark blue with red pinstripes in the late 1990s. Features include dual taillights, chrome bumpers, cowl-mounted Lorraine spotlights, dual mirrors, right-side external exhaust pipes, and driving lamps. The folding blue convertible top features a glass rear window and is stored under a matching cover. The folding B-pillars were repainted in preparation for the sale, and the bodywork was polished.