YouTuber's whisky experiment gets a very crabby response from his whisky connoisseur brother Ralfy

I'm pretty sure Ralfy is just a highly refined lovable grump.

Running a bottle of cheap whisky through an 'air distiller' seems like a clever thing to do. If triple distilled whiskey is good, wouldn't distilling it again make it even better? As expertise has died, shouldn't a YouTuber with a hotpot be able to one up a master distiller?

YouTuber Big Clive went ahead and tried just that.

The 'air distiller' evaporates all the water and alcohol out of solution and then condenses it, leaving behind gunk. A more traditional distilling process leaves the water and impurities behind, however, this experiment just leaves 'the impurities' that were not able to be carried away in vapor sitting in your pot. Additionally, a bottle of cheap vodka was mixed with the impurities to see if Big Clive could make whisky out of vodka.

Both resulted in stuff that tasted just fine, and I'd have been thrilled with the video there except the entertaining Mr. Big Clive kept mentioning Ralfy, and how this was somehow a parody of Ralfy.


Due to my sheltered nature I did not yet know Ralfy. Please forgive me, I now subscribe.

Ralfy tastes the two distilled alcohols and tells us exactly what Ralfy thinks.

Ralfy seems to be the real deal when it comes to YouTube whisky. As I can not taste it and I have no clue what most of the things he is talking about are, I am just completely entertained and trust everything Ralfy says about whisky as the one true gospel.

Ralfy is a very cool whisky-loving guy with a great hat. I am glad to have met him, also Ralfy likes the evaporated whisky! The maestro was puzzled by the okay-ness of the vodka, and looked genuinely baffled after adding water. Ralfy also decries Clive's clickbait thumbnails, and while baffled by the high view count of Big Clive's experiment he will not stoop to such behaviors. Ralfy does not rely upon gimmickry, or cheap hats, Ralfy relies on cold hard truth and whisky.