Here comes the apocalypse: nuclear super villain's yacht being built "for the best and brightest"

In the name of scientific research some people are building $700 million dollar, real world start to the BioShock series of video games.

This gigantic remote control with a marble on it is intended to be a floating 'Science City' wherein people will discover amazing things and do some awesome research!


A nuclear-powered gigayacht longer than the Titanic, with 22 state-of-the art laboratories and a 13-story "science sphere," might sound like the floating headquarters of a criminal mastermind. But Earth 300 is actually a revolutionary exploration vessel designed to investigate climate change and other challenges that face our planet. Designed by naval architect Iván Salas Jefferson, founder of Iddes Yachts, the 300-meter vessel has a radically aerodynamic look. It's been envisioned as an "extreme technology platform," incorporating robotics, AI, and quantum computing to attract the best and brightest minds from a wealth of fields. A Davos on water, if you will.

Such a bold vision doesn't come cheap—right now the price tag for the ship, being constructed by Polish naval architecture firm NED, hovers between $500 and $700 million. Designed to resemble Earth, the orb's "science city" will house top climate scientists, who will use the ship's state-of-the-art tech to develop innovative solutions.

All photos are courtesy of Iddes Yachts