Sequence of rear-end collisions causes tanker to gush a brown liquid onto pavement

In this video, a nincompoop driving too fast slams into the back of a vehicle driving too slow. The nincompoop somehow had enough time to futilely flash their lights just before impact. Also, it seems a little strange to have a rear-mounted camera always documenting everything behind you while you drive, but I suppose things are trending that way, especially in Russia, where this might be.

The brown liquid spewing out of the yellow tanker is when things went from bad to much, much worse. That flood of brown could be a lot of things but we all whimsically want it to be some kind of chocolate product like the one that spilled over a Polish highway in 2018. There is also the possibility that it's something putrid and wretched however. Raw waste comes to mind, the kind that a truck like this vacuums out of port-a-potties with that big orange hose. I am choosing it to be a torrent of mocha latte that was on its way to a pleasant hamlet tucked away in a valley of clover.