This website will self destruct if someone doesn't post a message on it after 24 hours have elapsed

This Website Will Self Destruct will disappear in 24 hours if it doesn't receive a message from at least one person every day. You can read the anonymous messages which have been submitted by other users.

As of now the site has been around for 13 months,  22 hours, 9 days, and 49 seconds (and counting). I feel a strange responsibility to help keep the site alive, now that I know of its existence. 

Here are a few of the messages people have written:

Dear Website,

Today I'm mostly okay. My parents died a few years ago and I'm missing them a lot. I'm currently quarantined with my boyfriend and his family and they're great, but sometimes seeing them function as a family makes me miss my own. I miss our dynamic, our inside jokes and banter. I miss how interested they were in my life and what I'm doing. I miss them feeling proud of me. I miss being someone's kid, especially now when everything is so scary and overwhelming all the time and I'm so scared of losing someone else. I'm kind of dreading Mother's Day this weekend. But I'm also managing to keep the panic attacks away and I've been spending a lot of time making art and chipping away at long term projects and I get a lot of comfort and satisfaction from that work. So right now I'm okay.

Dear Website,

have you ever wondered that 'the meaning of life' as a concept is a very human thing? It's like, well, we all read stories and play games, and the hero of the story is considered to have a purpose (defeat the dragon, deal with undealable problems, meet the girl from your dreams, etc). So we expect things to make sense in our life. But actually there isn't any ultimate purpose for us, it's a concept we made up for stories, and our life is, well, just life. It's like… an infinite sandbox game, very boring and sad but it's the only thing you have.

There is no meaning. There is just us.


Dear Website,

I'm depressed, have anxiety, gained over 100lbs during COVID lockdowns, and am now going to drop out if college into a terrible job market and no degree… I'm not done fighting but this is feeling more hopeless by the day.

Dear Website,

I wanna stop obsessing about a person from my past. Why can't I stop thinking about them? We haven't talked in years. I'm desperately looking for any trace of them online. Are they ok now? Are they happy? Have they found someone? I don't know. I shouldn't know. I should move on. My stupid brain, just please let me move on.