Recommended: "My Favourite Elliott Smith Song" podcast

I'm so glad to have found the My Favourite Elliott Smith Song podcast. In each episode, a famous fan of Elliott Smith talks about their favorite song by Smith.

Elliott Smith's music means the world to me, and has deeply touched the souls of many other people, too. This podcast is such a wonderful way for his fans to express their feelings about him.

I recently listened to an episode with guest William Todd Schultz, author of Torment Saint, an Elliott Smith biography. Besides talking about his favorite Elliott Smith song, Shultz also dives into his experience of writing a biography about Smith.

Everyone who speaks on the podcast has an interesting perspective and I've enjoyed all of the episodes that I've heard so far. I have my own personal relationship to each of Smith's songs, so hearing other people's thoughts and feelings about what the songs mean to them is very beautiful.

[image: By MacLeod from Glendale, CA, USA – Elliott Smith Wall in Silver Lake, CC BY 2.0]