Green Man's Tunnel is a legendary site among seekers of haunted places

The abandoned railroad tunnel in Pittsburgh known as "Green Man's Tunnel" is a legendary site among seekers of haunted places. This tunnel in South Park Township is said to be haunted by the spirit of Raymond Robinson, nicknamed the "Green Man" or "Charlie No-Face." Whether or not this tunnel is truly haunted by his spirit is up to you to decide, but the backstory behind this urban legend is true.

When Raymond Robinson  (October 29, 1910 – June 11, 1985) was 8 years old,  he climbed a pole to reach for a bird's nest on the Morado Bridge, outside of Beaver Falls. He touched an electrical line and was left severely disfigured by the shock. Robinson lost his eyes, nose, and right arm.

From Wikipedia:

Because of his appearance, he rarely ventured out during the day. However, at night, he went for long walks on a quiet stretch of State Route 351, feeling his way along with a walking stick. Groups of locals regularly gathered to search for him walking along the road. Robinson usually hid from his curious neighbors, but would sometimes exchange a short conversation or a photograph for beer or cigarettes. Some were friendly, others cruel, but none of his encounters deterred Robinson from his nightly walks.

Robinson was struck by cars multiple times during his walks, but this didn't stop him. The night was the only time that he could find some peace from the judgment of others. It saddens me to think about how people were cruel to Robinson, and how the only time he felt comfortable enough to leave his house was after dark. Robinson died at the age of 74, and ever since he has been the center of the "Green Man's Tunnel" urban legend.