New Melbourne skyscraper howls and creaks like a demon

Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to pre-order an apartment in a soon-to-be-built high-rise. Then, a year later, you move in only to discover that it emits a howling sound like a demon and makes a hideous creaking noise in the wind.

Just listen to the hellish cacophony inside this apartment on the 52nd floor of a new Melbourne high-rise. The person who shot the video posted it to Reddit, saying, "There is no way people could live with this level of creaking; the building was literally moving left and right. I was taking photos for an Airbnb and wanted to get the hell out asap."

A couple of commenters on the post said they had a similar experience in the building.

"On windy days the wind howls along the windows. It sounds like someone screaming," said one.

"I stayed a few days in this building between rentals. It was creaky every day. Wasn't even particularly windy," said another.

Creaking in new building
byu/thewall-19 inmelbourne