The Swing Smart LED Stick is half light source, half glow stick, and all fun

It's 2021 — and in a world where even desktop mug warmers and chessboards have suddenly developed smarts of their own, it makes sense that something as inherently basic as the simple glow stick would get a 21st-century upgrade too.

You'd be remiss to call the Swing Smart LED Stick just a glow stick with an attitude. However, with moments of picking up this full little gadget, it's clear there's definitely more happening here than just a rave accessory on steroids.

But make no mistake — if you want a light wand that will zhuzh up the night sky, this LED stick can more than handle the job. Synced via Bluetooth, the stick pairs with your phone and can spin through a whole array of lighting possibilities. 

There are five different lighting moods that shuffle the stick's kaleidoscope of color through a variety of different patterns and tempos. You can set up the Starlight shining star twinkle or let all the colors explode in the fun rainbow mode. 

But through the Swing Smart Stick app, you can really take the lighting to a whole new level. In the app, you can choose your own color and type in a short message. Using its patented lighting program algorithm, motion sensor tech, and the effect of after-imaging, you can swing or shake the stick and see your message show up as if hanging in mid-air.

While that's a whole lot of fun in itself, the Swing Smart Stick goes out of its way to prove it isn't a one-trick pony with a handful of other useful features. If you're outside camping at night, the stick can shift and become a standalone source of white light. It can also be attached to the back of a bike or other vehicle and be used to signal your movements. It's even got a built-in timer function that counts down, then explodes into a rainbow of colors when you hit your designated time.

Whether you're hitting a concert or just out enjoying the evening, the Swing Smart LED Stick is a fun way to spread your message and light the way, all at the same time. It retails for $99, but it's 30 percent off right now, so you can pick one up for a limited time at just $69.99.

Prices subject to change.