Missing couple's landline from the Miami condo collapse has made 16 mysterious calls

A couple in their 80s, Arnie and Myriam Notkin, has been missing since the Surfside, Florida condominium building collapsed on Thursday. Their unit was destroyed. But since the disaster, according to Local10 News , their family has received 16 mysterious calls from their home phone – a landline they kept on a table near their bed.

The first call was made to the Notkin's daughter, Diane, at 9:30 pm, around eight hours after the collapse. But when she answered, there was only static on the other end. The other 15 calls were made the next day, again with just static coming through. When family and others try to call the landline, they receive a busy signal.

From Local News:

"We are trying to rationalize what is happening here, we are trying to get answers," [Jake] Samuelson said about his grandparents. Arnie is known as a beloved physical education teacher and Myriam is a banker and real estate agent.

Samuelson said the family did not receive any calls on Saturday – the last one was Friday night.

Local 10 News tried calling the number and we got the sound of a busy signal.

The family is wondering if anyone else whose loved ones are missing have had the same experience.

We asked authorities earlier in the day about the calls and they said they are looking into it.

Image by NicestGuyEver / Flickr