My fashionable bicycle and skating safety helmet

I am enjoying my Thousand safety helmet, and boy do I need a safety helmet.

This Thousand bike and skate helmet is light, flows air, had a great adjustment system, and looks fantastic. What is not to like?

During the early pandemic, I vowed to ollie once again. Smacking myself in the shins, which had no pads, was far more likely than a head injury — but I managed to fall and slam most of me into the ground, and an occasional planter filled with cactus repeatedly. Helmets are a good idea.

Riding my bike around Venice Beach? I would be a lunatic to not wear a helmet.

The helmet also has a handy port for using a cable lock to secure it to your bike, if you like.

Thousand met all the safety standards I was told to look for, is comfortable and looks the best. They have a ton of colors to choose from.

Thousand also sells stickers but none as cool as mine.

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet – Heritage Collection – Safety Certified for Bicycle Skateboard Road Bike Skating Roller Skates Cycling Helmet via Amazon