This is why QAnon makes sense to MAGA folk

It's no wonder QAnon was able to ensnare so many Trump voters with its far-right, far-out conspiracies.

The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper digs up past interviews with senseless Trumpers who defy logic as they explain why we have a lot to be angry about when it comes to former president Barack Obama. First of all, where the heck was Obama during 9-11? Why wasn't Obama, who became president in 2009, taking charge behind his desk in the Oval Office when the planes hit the Twin Towers? "I'd like to get to the bottom of that," one gentleman sporting a mad MAGA hat told the Daily Show's Jordan Klepper. And what about the issue of his dang birth certificate?

"So there's nothing Barack Obama could do to prove he was born here?" he asked one Trump fanatic. To which she responded, "If there was maybe witnesses that were in attendance at his birth." Except for his mother, that is. As if sitting at a tea-party in Wonderland, she explained that his mother had "motivations to lie." But Trump, on the other hand, was certainly born in the US – his parents were there to prove it.