Incredible dashcam video of car flying high into the air over a freeway, flipping as it crashes… and driver is fine

In Yuba City, California, a speeding car hit another car, went the wrong way down an off-ramp, missed a hard left turn and launched into the air flying over the median and landing front first before flipping over and coming to a stop upside down. While the driver was taken to a hospital, CBS Sacramento reports that "she walked out of that hospital with only minor injuries":

The car just narrowly passed through power lines barely missing one above it.

"We would have lost power, it probably would have started a fire in all that dead grass. It could have been a lot worse for them I'm sure," [witness Brian] Conejo said.

The California Highway Patrol said intoxication is not a factor. They were not able to provide more information on the initial hit-and-run or any potential charges for that.