Watch SpongeBob and friends have a Blink-182 dance party in MTV's lost "Video Mods" series

In 2004 and 2005, MTV2 aired Video Mods, a curious and short-lived animated series that featured videogame characters—some also based on movie and TV characters—rocking out to popular songs. According to an Animation Magazine article from the time, MTV2's website had an interactive promotion for the show where visitors could "use the Video Mods Remixer to work unlicensed music into 2K Games' Outlaw Golf and Outlaw Volleyball."

While the episodes were lost for years, they've finally turned up on YouTube, including the above clip of SpongeBon SquarePants and friends joyfully dancing to Blink-182's "All the Small Things."

Below are a few more from Video Mods:

(via r/ObscureMedia)