Can a Covid-vaccine PSA even work? This one tries, but who's really listening?

In this homespun Covid-vaccine PSA, political commentator Leigh McGowan, aka Politics Girl, holds back her usual disdain of Qnut ignorance by appealing to the idea of working together to beat this "deadly monster."

"The more people that allow the virus to take root inside them, the more chance the virus has to be a better killer. It's pretty horrifying," she explains, hoping to reach the ears of misinformed anti-vaxxers. "But, unlike last year, we have a solution to this rapidly spreading, deadly monster, and it's called a vaccine!"

She then demonstrates how safe the vaccine is, no matter what political side you're on, by painting President Joe Biden and the former president, Donald Trump – "both who have the highest security clearance, and access to the most secretive information in the world" – as teammates. "They both got vaccinated," she reminds the vaccine-hesitant population (not that they are still watching at this point). "If there was anything wrong with the vaccine they would have known. And yet, they both went ahead and got it."

The virus isn't political, she says. "As president Biden said, 'The vaccine was developed and authorized under a Republican. It's being distributed and administered under a Democrat.' It's not left versus right, red versus blue – it's America versus the virus. And we want America to win."

And then she goes for the jugular. "Donald Trump said the virus would 'disappear like a miracle.' Well these vaccines are miracles. And you don't turn your back on a miracle."

As usual, she makes great points (and fun, passive-aggressive jabs), but in this case, she's preaching to the choir, and although she said in a past video that preaching to the choir is what Democrats need to do, in this instance the choir is already vaccinated. And I'm not so sure anyone else wants to listen.