This 7-minute 1965 film features some incredible banjo playing, singing, and clog dancing

I'm totally blown away by the talent in The First Time Amateur Clog Dancing Film – 1965. These performers had me fully captivated throughout the entire film – I'd do anything to go back in time and see them dance in real life. 

From the YouTube description: 

Way back in 1964, New York filmmaker, David Hoffman was headed down with his new 16mm handheld camera (weight 49 lbs!) to spend three weeks driving the backcountry around Madison County, North Carolina, in the center of Appalachia, with the 82 year old founder of the pioneer Asheville Mountain Music and Dance Festival, Bascom Lamar Lunsford. The resulting film, "Bluegrass Roots"  lets you hear and experience the hard scrabbling, dirt road real people sounds that dominated the backcountry of the southern mountains 40 years ago. It presents a string of the most extraordinary singers, players and dancers the BlueGrass Mountains had to offer. Many later became famous. Some were never heard from again. Most of the songs are classics, including Lunsford's own tune, "Mountain Dew."  When this film aired on Public Television in 1965, TV Guide gave it a full-page positive review, because Americans had never seen a documentary on the roots of Bluegrass and Country music. Today, the dirt roads and the moonshine counties are largely modernized, and Bluegrass Roots, stands as a record of a uniquely talented group of people at a time just before the coming of television, changed them.