A desperate Rudy Giuliani now selling calls on Cameo for $275 a pop

It looks like fallen man Rudy Giuliani's exploits in MyPillow product-pushing didn't pan out too well, as he's now peddling himself on Cameo. The website – where celebrities and has-beens can make personal videos for paying customers – now features the cash-strapped former mayor of New York City touting his wares:

"Hi, I'm Rudy Giuliani and I'm on Cameo. If there is an issue you want to discuss or a story you'd like to hear or share with me, or a greeting that I can bring to someone that would bring happiness to their day, I would be delighted to do it. It can be arranged, we can talk through the magic of Cameo."

And since last night, when HuffPost reported that a Cameo call with the ex-personal attorney to ex-president Donald Trump costs $199 each, another legal bill must have knocked on the desperado's door – this morning his price jumped to $275 per call.

In case you missed it in June, here's his cringe-inducing MyPillow venture: