Would you send $1000 to this 1990s Televangelist?

Spoken Word with Electronics is an audio series delivering to you a two side recording of unusual stories paired with vintage modular electronic sounds

Hi, everyone, welcome back to the show. This last year (or two) has been a fun dip into Hell, and it's rekindled my interest in Televangelism. I used to record a lot of them on VHS tapes in the 1990s and so this week I thought I'd share my favorite one. I originally labeled it "Reverend Hellfire" on the VHS label. It's an amazing story that is literally rags to riches, from preaching in front of trash dumpsters 45 years previous, that suddenly erupts into a constant flood of thousand dollar bills. He actually talks to God. Do you have $1000? Do you have a phone? CALL NOW!

Side B continues the Charlie Pickle serial, with "The Daily Worry".

SPOKEN WORD WITH ELECTRONICS #57: TWENTY DOLLAR HELL and The Lost Emotional Sound of Dating on Landline Phones

Here's the entire episode:

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Thanks and have a good week, Ethan