Marjorie Taylor Greene on hospital overcrowding: "We can't live forever"

Marjorie Taylor Greene went on Real America's Voice to tell people that hospitals are overrated. "We can't live forever," she said. So why bother?

The media also is also overhyping the number of hospitalizations, according to Greene, who says Covid-19 sufferers aren't the only sick people filling ward beds around the world.

Yes, the waiting rooms get full. But guess what? The waiting rooms are full of all kinds of things, not just Covid. You know? Car accidents, trauma, other illnesses, cancer, and so forth. But they're seeing about 30% of those numbers being Covid cases. So while the news tries to tell us the hospitals are slammed packed with Covid, that's just not the case.

Everyone needs to get back down to common sense and remember that you know, we're human. We can't live forever. We are going to catch all kinds of diseases and illnesses and other viruses, and we get hurt sometimes. So I'm all for, let's be rational with this, let's be careful, let's be cautious, and let's not turn into an authoritarian regime that forces shots in arms of people that don't want it.

Hospital workers are struggling to handle the rising number of Covid patients. Southern states where residents think masks and vaccines are too burdensome have been experiencing an alarming increase in new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths due to Covid.

From Mediaite:

More than 99% of the Covid deaths happening now are among unvaccinated people, and among vaccinated Americans, more than 99.99% of them have been able to avoid death or hospitalization from Covid.