Phoenix police officers circulated coins encouraging cops to shoot anti-Trump protesters in the groin

In August 2017 Phoenix police Officer Christopher Turiano shot a smoke canister at anti-Trump protestor Josh Cobin, hitting him in the groin. Officers in the department celebrated the shooting by circulating medallions with a drawing of Corbin being shot along with the captions, "Making America Great Again One Nut at a Time" and "Good Night Left Nut," which is a play on the neo-Nazi phrase "Good Night Left Side." 

When Phoenix city officials learned about the medallions they hired an investigator to look into it. The investigator found that Sgt. Jantra Palmer had dozens of coins in her possession and "had sold or given them to various officers throughout the department — including subordinates in her own squad," according to AZ Central. Sgt. Palmer told the investigator that her husband, Detective Sam Palmer, ordered the coins and gave some to her.

AZ Central also notes that several current and former Phoenix police employees refused to speak to the investigator.

A summary of the report from City Manager Ed Zuercher said [investigator] Ballard Spahr was limited in its investigation as it was an outside entity, but noted city employees with the Office of Accountability and Transparency will conduct a separate investigation that could lead to further disciplinary action.

Michael "Britt" London, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, which represents Phoenix officers, provided a written statement to The Arizona Republic saying the union was reviewing the report.

"We are in the process of a critical review of the findings to determine whether the disciplinary actions against a number of Phoenix officers are warranted," the statement reads. "We continue to support the due process rights of our officers and will monitor each case closely."