Server admin stalks cheats

This video was recorded in-game in realistic survival shooter DayZ, and shows a server admin realizing that a player is cheating and watching him for a while before taking action. I became transfixed by the way the admin's omniscient viewpoint flies free of his avatar, how he watches the suspected cheats like an all-powerful yet restrained ghost, and how he narrates the cheats' growing anxiety and alarm that something worse than them is stalking them.

The way I catch cheats is to pretend to be a normal player and see what happens.

In the second segment, he spots a cheat by noticing he avoids the line of sight of a sniper rifle aimed at him from hundreds of yards away. In a later video, he punishes a cheat by surrounding them with bears.

I think I'd like a TV show about an VR-world cheat investigator who does this for a living. In the world of The Gamer Hunter, banned from the game is banned from life.