Watch this Wheel of Fortune contestant throw a round with Z, Q, X, and silence so her opponent would win

In 2010, Wheel of Fortune contestant Nura Founteano seemingly threw a round so her opponent would win. Watch the video below. Quite a classy way to share the wealth. From US Weekly:

Not surprisingly, another contestant, Steve, solved the puzzle. But regardless of her struggle in the speed round, Nura correctly solved enough of the puzzles from earlier in the evening to earn a whopping $13,970 and move on to the final bonus round[…]

Though she played the round in a way that seemed to make little sense, some viewers are surmising that perhaps she did it to share the wealth. After all, the long-running game show is currently honoring vets with its first ever Veterans Week, featuring both active and retired members of the armed forces. Were it not for Nura's strategy, whether on purpose or not, Steve would have gone home empty-handed without the speed round win.