This Tokyo-Kyoto overnight bus has comfy sleeping pods

I'll never pass up an opportunity to take a bullet train in Japan, but this Tokyo-Kyoto overnight bus, with its private sleeping pods, looks nice. It's like a capsule hotel on wheels. And, at $63, a ticket, costs almost $50 less than a seat on the bullet train.

From SoraNews24:

In addition to power reclining and footrest functions, there's a table that folds out of the seat in front of you, an electrical outlet to keep your electronic devices charged up, and a drink holder mounted to the wall of your pod… Plus, there's the economic benefit of not having to pay for a night in a hotel since you're sleeping on the bus (which has spaces to store your luggage), and making the trip overnight means you arrive bright and early the next morning and have the whole day to enjoy the sights in your destination.

[image: Willer's press release]