There was a Punky Brewster reboot we never heard about because it was on Peacock

Holy cow! Just the trailer to the 2021 Punky Brewster reboot, starring Soleil Moon Frye, had me in tears. The series, which was apparently well-received, has been canceled after just one season. Probably because no one watches Peacock or heard about it.

Had I heard about this show from some news event OTHER THAN ITS CANCELATION, I probably would likely have signed up for Peacock's free offer and then been mistakenly trapped in a subscription. I totally did this for Discovery+ and the Doggie Superbowl show they ran.

The people casting Punky Brewster totally got it right. They apparent brought back most of the OG kids we loved, and added FREDDIE PRINZE JR. as Punky's ex-husband! Where was the marketing? This should be a hit.


Punky Brewster, a continuation of the popular '80s series, debuted its 10-episode season on Feb. 25. It seemed to be well-received among viewers, with an 81 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, though it was less favored with critics, who rated it 57 percent.

The comedy featured Frye reprising her beloved character, now a single mother of three. She meets a young girl (Waitress the Musical's Quinn Copeland) who was in the foster system like herself. Cherie Johnson also returned to her role as Punky's best friend. Lauren Donzis, Oliver De Los Santos, and Noah Cottrell were also featured, and Freddie Prinze Jr. portrayed Punky's ex-husband Travis.

Had the show gotten a second season, the stars were already envisioning a possible wedding between Johnson and Jasika Nicole's characters. And Frye was so on board.

I would have loved to have seen this show but I'm not signing up for disappointment now. I have no idea why else I might want to add another streaming service and am clearly unfamiliar with their entire lineup. I assume the bird thing represents NBC affiliation.