Phenomenal mid-90s review of the 820hp Espace F1 minivan

The music, the announcer, and the sound of an F1 come pouring out of a soccer shuttle together to make this an amazing short review of the Renault Espace F1, the Godzilla of minivans.

After 10 years of selling a lot of minivans to people all over Europe, Renault for some reason decided to fit an F1 car's V10 engine and transmission into a fiberglass Espace. It takes a whopping 2.8 seconds to go 0-60mph. This outproduces many of today's supercars.

From way back, this Discovery Channel review has an announcer and music to place it firmly in the 90s.

Renault only made one, but it'd have been a sweet production car. I imagine nannies pouring around affluent neighborhoods in 800horsepower monsters.