Base model electric Ford F150 apparently handles and accelerates like a sportscar

The reviewers on this test drive of a low-end electric F150 are gleefully giggling away as a demo driver calmly tosses them around a pre-determined by Ford track.

The 'Pro' model they are testing is likely the fastest, as it has the big battery and extra HP that come with its increased juice. This is intended to be the basic white Ford F150 for years to come and has none of the extra frills, or weight that comes with them- just twin electric motors and an extended range battery, all lower and more centrally placed than a gasoline-powered model. Nicer models will come with moon roofs and massaging seats, not known for increasing power or improving handling.

The test drive starts around 6:50, but the tour of the base model itself is interesting to see what is considered minimal in today's basic work truck.

That said, double moon rooves are pretty nice.