Stop taking your phone into the bathroom

Writer Miles Klee wrote about how he stopped taking his phone into the bathroom and it made him "a new man."

"Jokes about being addicted to the internet are one thing. This behavior, though normalized, still disturbed me. At home, I could easily lose an hour on the toilet, scrolling long after my actual business there was complete and contributing to the classic stereotype of the man who takes forever to poop. Something had to give. And so, at the end of July, I resolved to quit checking my phone in the bathroom. Instead, I would entirely focus on what I was there to do: wash, groom or eliminate. As soon as the task at hand was finished, I'd leave. No exceptions."

from Mel Magazine

Perhaps screenless bathroom trips offer the mental clarity that we need in these trying times. As one Tweet from @limitlessjest says, "Taking a shit without looking at your phone counts as meditating now." Klee explained why the phone-free bathroom experience is so refreshing.

Perhaps most importantly, whatever happens in the bathroom, I am walking out relieved, refreshed and triumphant, not dismayed by whatever cursed content I stumbled upon in the mindless routine of cycling between the apps. The bathroom has turned into a sanctuary. The internet can't find me here.

from Mel Magazine