The decline of the wallet: states roll out digital IDs

When I walk out the door, I can't help but run through my "phone, wallet, keys" checklist. Perhaps that list may shorten as digital ID options gain popularity.

"Residents of Arizona and Georgia will soon be able to use their iPhones and Apple Watches as digital driver's licenses or ID cards. People living in Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, Iowa, Utah, and Connecticut will get the feature next. Meanwhile, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is going to designate lanes at specific airports to start processing these new digital IDs in order to clear people to travel."

Via Vox Recode

While a digital wallet may be great for personal convenience, critics have raised concerns about its security and privacy.

"Despite apparent support on the state and federal level, some have sounded the alarm on potential problems with digital IDs. In May, the American Civil Liberties Union released a detailed report raising issues about a digital state ID system, including concerns about police access to users' phones, privacy, and surveillance risks, and the possibility that people will one day be coerced into downloading government apps. "

Via Vox Recode