Racist, violent Colorado gang that engages in a "consistent pattern of illegal behavior" turns out to be the police department

The Colorado Department of Law concluded a 14-month investigation into the Aurora Police Department, finding that the department "uses excessive force and racially biased police practices and violates state and federal laws as part of its patterns and practices," reports The Denver Channel.

From The Denver Channel:

The report found police officers used force against people of color 2 ½ times more often than white people based on population and that almost half of people who had forced used against them by officers were Black, even though only 15% of Aurora residents are Black.

It also found people of color were arrested 1.3 times more often than white people based on population, and Black people were more than twice as likely to be arrested as white people.

Weiser said that APD officers have regularly applied greater force than is reasonably warranted in situations, including taking people to the ground without giving them time to respond to officers and telling people to stop resisting when they were not in fact resisting officers.

He said Aurora officers had a "misplaced understanding" of de-escalation and focused more on calming down officers after using force rather than avoiding unnecessary escalation in the first place

At this time, the Aurora Police Department has not arrested any of the gang members.