Jimmy Kimmel reveals comical hypocrisy when anti-vaxxers deal with Covid

Anti-vaxxers are both suspicious of Covid vaccine ingredients and unanimous in their stance against having to show proof of vaccination in order to gain entrance into public spaces (like restaurants or planes). But, as Jimmy Kimmel points out, once they actually catch the virus, all of their illogic goes out the barn window.

First, Kimmel points out that ivermectin — the beloved animal de-wormer Qnuts turn to when battling Covid symptoms — has become a rarity due to the mad rush. So now some feed stores, at least in Las Vegas, are requiring ivermectin purchasers proof of livestock ownership by asking for a photo of customers with their horse (as in the photo above).

"Can you imagine, you won't go to Walgreens to get a free vaccine, [but] you'll spend four hours photoshopping your body onto a Clydesdale to get ivermectin?" Kimmel asks incredulously.

And when shelves are empty of ivermectin, the de-wormer aficionados turn to Trump-touted monoclonal antibody treatment.

"This is an IV hookup that helps reduce the symptoms of COVID," Kimmel says. "Pretty incredible, people who don't trust vaccines do trust being pumped full of lab-created antibodies. This is like skydiving and instead of using the parachute, you're gonna be like, 'Yeah, I'll just crash near a hospital.'" 

Via HuffPost