MyPillow Guy gets shredded on Twitter, again

Mike Lindell talks and talks and talks. Mostly, he just says things, like the kid who falsely tells you his dad is an astronaut and feels he's already in too deep so he keeps trying to make it believable. "Yeah, I was born in Houston. Like, at NASA and stuff, in like an anti-gravity…place." Ok, keep trying.

Lindell's facts score almost as low as The Boasting Heffalump's. His latest load of crap, that Twitter has pounced on, is how some lawyers told him that they are taking his nonsense case of bologna about election irregularities in the 2020 election to the Supreme Court before this Thanksgiving. Yeah, and maybe I'll take a 12-pack of MTN DEW (formerly "Mountain Dew" but dumbed down for obvious reasons) Flamin' Hot flavored beverages to the Supreme Court, but I can't make Justice Sotomayor and company drink any of it. All but Mr. Kavanaugh are probably too sensible to even try it.